we practice only the safest in sedation techniques

Most kids can be seen for routine dental fillings with Nitrous Oxide otherwise known as laughing gas.  Other kids may need the help of oral sedation to improve their experience.  

Nitrous Oxide

Otherwise known as laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide is a gas that allows a child to relax and calm down during treatment. It is know for both its safety and effectiveness. Nitrous Oxide remains briefly in their bodies and wears off within minutes of turning it off.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Some kids may need additional help to ensure they have a safe, calm, and relaxing experience. This help comes in the form of Oral Conscious Sedation. The kids drink medicine that puts them into a heightened state of relaxation. It is both safe and effective.  Following the treatment they stay close to their parents and don't return to school that day.

There is added training and expertise associated with Oral Conscious Sedation and its one of the things setting us apart from other dental professionals.

General Anesthesia

If a child can not be treated in office with either Nitrous Oxide or Oral Conscious Sedation they may need to go to a hospital for dental care. This treatment involves an Anesthesiologist and managed similar to cases where kids get tubes in their ears.