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Dental trauma is common in children of all ages.

Early in life kids lack coordination and judgment. Crawling leads to walking. Walking leads to falling. Falling leads to bumps and bruises and sometimes dental trauma.  

If your children experience dental trauma call our front office and schedule an appointment. If it is a medical emergency, call 911 or go the hospital and seek medical attention.  

Dental Trauma with Baby Teeth

Kids often fall and hit their teeth. Bleeding is often associated with these events. If a child looses a baby tooth to trauma it is rarely reimplanted. If it is chipped or broken it can often be fixed or repaired. Contact the office.


Dental Trauma to Permanent Teeth

Trauma to permanent teeth is common. Sports, bikes, trampolines and swimming only increase the risk of dental injuries. If a permanent tooth is knocked out immediate action is required.  If possible pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse off any debris. Re-implant the tooth into the socket and seek dental treatment immediately. If the tooth can not be replaced put it in milk or saliva. Avoid tap water, salt water, or placing it into a dry zip lock bag. Saline, like the liquid used to clean contact lenses, can also be used.