we love this place

"As a child I had some horrible experiences in the dental chair, so when it came time to take my first child to the dentist I did a lot of research and found a pediatric specialist. That first filling had me in the waiting room pacing the floor, waiting for my sobbing child to come running...luckily that never happened, he emerged smiling and when I asked, "How was the shot?" he replied, "What shot?". I cried tears of joy and relief. Fast forward 6 years and a move to Redding. I was still nervous about dentistry and afraid I wouldn't be able to find a specialist for my children, but lo and behold! There was Dr. Petras' pediatric specialty and what a special Dr. he is! He has been wonderful to my children (I have 3 now), 2 of which he has seen since babies. My children look forward to their visits and have had nothing but positive experiences! Thank you to Dr. Petras and his partner, Dr. Ahlfeld for taking great care of my children's teeth through the last 14 years, you and your staff are wonderful!"  - L. Earnest